What’s the Apple Stock History Channel schedule?

National Review article The History Channel is taking on the history channel’s new program about the Apple Watch, a new Apple device that’s set to go on sale later this year.The History Channel’s “Watch It Now” program, scheduled to air in February, features an interview with former Apple employee Jim Wertheimer about the new Apple Watch.Wertheim, who has been the […]

How do you tell the difference between a history of Englands English language and the history of the Englands Irish language?

Written by Simon Lister, BBC News Magazine editor, on 28 January 2018 at 09:52:56An expert has warned that the language of the islands may be on the brink of extinction as a result of its recent rise in popularity.Speaking at the Oxford Union, Professor Michael O’Connell from Oxford University said that the rise in Irish-speaking immigrants to the island is […]