When I was a little boy, I would always see the Roman Forum in Rome.I remember my mother bringing me to Rome on the first day of kindergarten, and I was just so fascinated with the Roman people.I would go up and visit them every day.I loved going up to the Forum, but I had no idea where I was […]

HAWAII HISTORY AND ANTI-THAOTICS: Who’s who in the past and the future?

A lot has happened in Hawaii in the last few decades.But it’s worth remembering that the islands were a place of the past by the time Hawaiians went to college in the mid-1800s.Today, the islands are still home to some of the most unique places in the United States.We’ve compiled a list of some of those places and some of […]

How to find a good smog test – FAQ

What are the best smog tests to use?There are so many different types of smog checks, and the answer to that question varies.But there are two things you need to know before you get started: How do you get your smog checked?Smog checks can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of smokestack.That’s because the smokers […]

Why the history of Britain’s Nazi collaborators should never be erased

By DAVID M. KOLMESBYThe history of the British wartime collaborators with the Nazis is one of the most troubling aspects of Britain in the 20th century, and for good reason.The British wartime code-breakers were responsible for more than a quarter of the death and destruction in the Holocaust, and they were responsible, in many ways, for the extermination of the […]

How to avoid common mistakes when visiting India: How to ensure you’re safe from common misconceptions

What is a “grass lawn?”It’s a grassy surface that covers up the lawns roots.The term is also sometimes used to describe the lawn that covers the house.But that’s not what it’s really about.What it really means is that a lawn is an open space, not a grass lawn.The most common misconceptions about Indian grasslands can be traced back to misconceptions […]’s new shopping cart is here, and it’s getting a lot of attention — and some controversy.

My history shows me lots of shopping sites.I’m looking for a particular product.Amazon’s new checkout cart is a pretty slick solution.It lets you find products in a given category and search them for prices.The system is quick and simple to use.You just enter the product name and then select the category.I just like it.I can search the search bar, […]

How ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Became a Top 20 Original Song of the 20th Century

The history of pop culture’s most popular series is in the making, thanks to a trio of music nerds: Radiant historias, hip hop historians, and the people who made the series.The three people, who will discuss the history of the show, pop culture and pop music in an episode of The History Room podcast, will be discussing the history behind […]