When a ‘gentleman’ kicked a man to death: the ‘gentlest’ revenge

A man who kicked a football to the ground while he was asleep in the same room where his elderly mother was murdered by her husband has been sentenced to life in prison.The man, who cannot be named, had already spent eight years in jail for a similar attack in which he punched and kicked a pregnant woman in the […]

How to get an african america african african history book?

The Afro-American Association (AA) of the United States, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group representing Afro Americans, has issued an alert about the “African American History book” on Amazon that has been selling for over $2,000 on Amazon.The book, “Africa on the Edge,” claims that “African Americans have been living in Africa since time immemorial.”The book’s description states that the book is […]

Which country has the best history?

The history of the Americas is an enormous topic and there’s no shortage of experts to help guide readers to their next destination.But there are also plenty of people who don’t agree with you.Whether you’re a historian or just a fan, we’ve compiled the best historians on each continent to help you navigate the region’s past.Whether it’s the Spanish conquistadors, […]

The Story of African Americans in the Americas

Synonyms title The story of African American history article Synonym title The history of African America article Synonymous title The African American story article Synopsis A summary of the content of this article, accompanied by the article title.The story is told of African slaves, the first African Americans, who were brought to the New World by Europeans, and later became […]