How Amazon bought the ABC News purchase history

Buy History, an Australian online retailer, has bought Amazon’s acquisition of the ABC news site.Buy History has a history of acquiring Australian news sites from Australian news publishers and selling the acquired properties to a number of international news outlets.In 2017, Buy History bought the Herald Sun from Fairfax Media, acquiring the Herald Media brand, and purchased The Age, The […]

How to Get the Black History Figures You Want on Amazon’s Books and Digital Store

How to get the black history figures you want on The company’s popular books section is a treasure trove of books about black history, and you can find dozens of titles that can help you find them.But there are some black historical figures that you don’t know about or haven’t heard of, so here are a few of them. When is […]

How to make a game about the U.S. presidential election and its consequences

It’s been almost 20 years since the 2008 election and, in many ways, the election has been a sort of “birther” crisis.It’s not just the notion that there was no way Obama could have won the election, it’s the idea that the election was rigged in favor of Mitt Romney.For some people, the entire election was a kind of sham.For […]