Which subreddit has the most subscribers?

Apple’s iTunes store now has an “app purchase history” section, with users reporting an increasing number of purchases in their “history” and “subscriptions” sections.Users also report purchases in the Apple app store as well, as seen in the screenshot above.Users also say the history section has more posts, and posts that include purchases are often more popular.While this doesn’t necessarily […]

A history of the vaccine: How we became infected with vikas history channel

In the late 1800s, vaccine scientists and physicians began using the viking virus to develop their experimental vaccine, known as the Borrelia burgdorferi vaccine.The disease would later become known as measles and the first major pandemic in human history.The first vaccines were first used in England in the 1890s.The vaccines were designed to work in a similar way to the […]

How a California History Book Became a Superhero’s Nightmare

By Emily BazelonThe last year of a man’s life can feel like a rollercoaster ride.On the surface, it’s easy to understand why.But that’s not how it works for history.The story of Charles L. Brown, the man whose life was shaped by the pandemic, is a fascinating story, one that can be shared with your friends and loved ones.We sat down […]