How to watch the Drunk History Hamilton documentary series

A documentary series by the American black history institution the Black History Museum will air this summer, with a lineup of local, national and international guests.In addition to the hosts of the program, the lineup includes actors, filmmakers, and historians, and is curated by director Andrew Meehan.The program will air on AMC on October 23 at 9 p.m.ET.A live stream […]

How Amazon and eBay are trying to reinvent Black History museum

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon and the e-commerce giant eBay are pushing back against criticism that the Black History Museum in Brooklyn is a “cult” that should be closed, arguing that the museum’s mission is important to history and should not be restricted by the religious views of some people.Amazon and eBay have been battling over how best to make […]

How the black alamo survived as a museum

The black alamos of San Antonio, Texas, have long been held in reverence as one of the great civil rights landmarks of the 20th century.But in the past couple of decades, some historians have questioned the role of the museum in preserving this history and have suggested that the museum has become an institution of whitewashing and white privilege.As such, […]