How to find history on the internet

The history of the browser has been largely relegated to the history books, but the browser is becoming a key component of modern life.A study published this month found that the browser’s history is now being used to analyse how people use the internet and make decisions.Google’s browser history includes pages that track people’s searches for specific terms and their […]

How to make a dachsund bobbleshead

I know a lot of people love dachshends, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re really that great.If you’ve ever been to a dog show and seen a dog bobble on a big, shiny ball, you know that they’re probably not the best way to display their loyalty to you.Dachshengs are great for the environment and are very well-suited […]

How to watch the Dachshuk Bobblehead History documentary: ‘I know you can’t watch this on television’

The Dachsund bobbles are an iconic symbol of Americana, but it turns out there’s a story behind the creation of one of the country’s most iconic Americana animals.CBC News has learned the Dichshund is the inspiration for the bobbleheads used on the Confederate flag and the Battle of Gettysburg.Bobblehead artist John McEwen created the likenesses of Dachsie and Dachscher as […]