Derek Chauvin’s Halloween Hall of Fame biography is the real deal

There is nothing else like Derek Chauvins Hallowens.It is a tribute to the Hall of Famer who died a hero on this special night.You can watch the live broadcast here.┬áThe Hall of Honor is the premier ceremony in hockey history, honoring the players who have made an indelible mark on the game.The honour was created to honor those who have […]

‘Derek, he was a real man’: Derek Chauvin’s story gets a second life in MSNBC’s “Race Matters” segment

MSNBC has given a second chance to Derek Richard Chauvin, the father of the late Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Independent who lost his primary bid to Hillary Clinton.The segment, titled “Derek was a Real Man,” aired Monday on MSNBC’s flagship “Race All Day.”Chauvin, who was born in California and lived in South Carolina, was a key figure in […]

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in China

Chinese holiday celebrating the day of love is being celebrated in a different way than in Europe.A Chinese social media platform is urging its followers to use the holiday to raise money for charity.Valentine Day, or the “spring” holiday, is a Chinese holiday that is traditionally celebrated with fireworks, but has been celebrated in different ways around the world.Chinese social […]