How to identify when America’s longest violent history was over

For more than a century, the United States has had a contentious history with the United Kingdom.But with Brexit, history may soon be over as the United Nations and the European Union agree on a “special relationship” that would allow for closer cooperation.“It’s the longest and most violent U.S.-British relationship in the history of the world,” historian and political scientist […]

Smoke billowing from China’s smog: What we know so far

The air pollution in China has been a major topic of discussion over the past few weeks.Chinese authorities have been calling for stricter air quality controls, while other nations have sought to contain the pollution and pressure the country to meet air quality standards set by the World Health Organization.The air pollution from China has risen in recent weeks as […]

When Did The Radiant Historia Begin?

When did the Radiant History begin?The Radiance historians have an answer.The first book to introduce the concept of the Radiance, which began in the early 1960s, has now been published.The title The Radiants Greatest Hits from the Archives of the World is a compilation of everything from early 20th century radio to the internet to radio dramas to the works […]

Google removes Chinese History Month in US

Google is removing Chinese History month in the US due to pressure from conservative groups.The search giant said Tuesday that it was removing Chinese events in the calendar from its search results, according to a tweet from a company spokesperson.“While we have historically offered Chinese events for search results in the United States, we have recently made the decision to […]