What does Ford stock look like?

Ford’s share price has been falling since November, after the company reported a fourth consecutive quarterly loss, and analysts believe the US automaker’s outlook for the year is bleak.Ford shares fell 5% on Friday, hitting their lowest level in almost two months, and the stock has fallen as much as 25% over the past year.Ford’s stock was last up about […]

Ford shares hit new highs, but dividend still a big risk

Ford shares have hit a new all-time high on Friday as investors took to the streets for a big rally.The company, which has been struggling to attract new customers and retain investors since its IPO in 2014, rose to record levels after the US stock market closed on Friday.Its share price is up 12 per cent from its record high […]

Why are the price of petrol rising faster than the Australian dollar?

When it comes to the Australian Dollar, the US Dollar and other currencies, the rise of the Australian and US Dollar has been accompanied by a rise in the price in the Australian dollars, according to a report by Australian economists.The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows the Australian Government’s Reserve Bank’s (RBA) monthly cash balance […]