Google is making history in Africa

Google has made history in the African continent with its announcement of a search engine that will let users find historical records and facts from a vast range of different sources.Google’s “Google Africa” search engine will search through Google’s archives, maps and other data and provide users with a wealth of information.Google has said the search engine is a key […]

How to read the history of the Black Panther Party

The Black Panther party was the most militant and radical anti-federalist organization in American history.The Black Panthers were led by a black revolutionary, Huey P. Newton.In the early 1900s, Newton and his cadre were part of the most dangerous anti-slavery group in the United States, the Ku Klux Klan.Newton and other Black Panther leaders led the armed insurrection in the […]

Google history for 2017: More than a year of Google history from 2015-17

Google history is getting a lot of attention from people this year for some reason.And it seems that Google history might be a little bit more interesting than people think.We have a ton of Google History for 2017.I think we are seeing more people digging through the history than we have seen in years.We have a lot more information that […]