What’s New in IGN v4.3.0!

IGN v3.1.4 update changelog What’s New -Added support for iPhone XS Max.(iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE) -Improved compatibility with iOS 11.2.1 and higher.-Fixed an issue where the iOS 11 launcher would not open on certain devices.What Else -Updated support for the latest iOS 11 beta: -iOS 11 beta 3.0.0a-Fixed the issue where certain […]

What does the name ‘Hippie’ mean? The origin of the name “Hippies”

The name “hippie” is not just a catchy title.According to the American Heritage Dictionary, it is derived from a Greek word meaning “a person who takes up the cause of good and justice.”The term has been around for over a century.However, in the last few years, it has taken on a new meaning.In recent years, the term has become associated […]