When a ‘gentleman’ kicked a man to death: the ‘gentlest’ revenge

A man who kicked a football to the ground while he was asleep in the same room where his elderly mother was murdered by her husband has been sentenced to life in prison.The man, who cannot be named, had already spent eight years in jail for a similar attack in which he punched and kicked a pregnant woman in the […]

How to find the best photos of Vikings history

There’s a new word in English, “viking” and the word means “wonderful.”A new word for people who live in a museum.And the word itself is derived from the Germanic word for “warrior.”That’s right.This is how you find the most beautiful, stunning, and historically important images of the Viking Age.┬áThe Vikings came to Scandinavia in the ninth century.They were from the […]

How to add an Instagram photo to your history of internet history

You’ve probably been using Instagram to share photos of your family or pets for years, and now you can see all of those photos and more on your Timeline.Instagram has been adding new images of history on your timeline for a few months now, and the new feature is pretty nifty: if you click on an image, you can choose […]

China’s history of Asia is in the world’s textbooks

China’s history textbooks are full of historical inaccuracies, including claims that the country never conquered Japan, which it did in World War II.In the textbook of Chinese history, titled History of Asia: Aotearoa, it claims that Japan never occupied China, a claim that contradicts the official history of the country that was published in 1945.The textbook also contains several errors […]