What’s New in History?

The New York Times Book Review is excited to present a brand new online edition of the popular book history textbook The History of the World by the University of California, Berkeley.This online edition is a major update to the text with a fresh, modern, and accessible look at history and world events from a wide variety of perspectives.The book […]

How to learn history and geography without looking up the word “historical” in Wikipedia

Texas has become a hub for the creation of new words and concepts.We’ve got history, geography, and climate change all under one umbrella, and now we’ve got the word.We’re going to start by breaking down the different meanings of these words.Today, we’ll be talking about the word historical.What does historical mean?Historical is a word that means the historical period that […]

History Channel’s History Channel Schedule Is Out: November 4th, 2021

History Channel announced Tuesday it will air two new episodes of the History Channel History Channel schedule in 2021.In the November 4 episode of History Channel World History, History Channel producer John Sutter says he will present the first official documentary about the U.S. Civil War in the U;s history.Sutter will also present the documentary in English and Spanish.The premiere […]