Witch-worship in Ireland’s history

A new book has revealed that Irish witches had a long history in Ireland.Read more about the book, ‘Witch-Worship in the Irish Isles: The Story of a People, A People and a People: Irish Witchcraft in the Twentieth Century’, published by Cambridge University Press.The book is a collaboration between Prof Peter Cooney and historian Eoin Macdonald, who were both at […]

The Drunk History of Witches

FourFourFourTwo has launched a series on Britain’s witch hunts, following the death of a woman who died after drinking wine laced with the deadly substance.FourFourThree understands that the woman, known only as Marie, drank the wine and later died after suffering convulsions, a condition she was given by her doctor after her husband was accused of witchcraft.Four Four Three can […]

Canada: New polls show Harper is still leading

An Angus Reid poll has put the Conservatives ahead in Canada’s first national election after the Conservatives won a plurality of seats.The survey released Tuesday found that 51 per cent of Canadians think the Harper government is handling its economic crisis in a fair way, up from 45 per cent last month.On the economy, 46 per cent said they thought […]