When Australia got the hang of independence

Australia is celebrating independence day on Sunday.A day that will have you thinking about the past, about what went wrong and about what Australia is going to be like in the future.It will also have you pondering whether it’s the best time for Australians to be thinking about independence, or whether it would be a good idea to put a […]

How to make a christmas tree in minutes

The first Christmas tree to be cut was a wooden model made by the local craftsman in the town of Kew.It was made in the 1920s and made of birch, but now it is a tree that can be built using materials from the local quarry.The tree was made at the same time as the start of the holiday season […]

Why Netflix is still paying you to watch movies

Netflix is offering an experimental new service that lets you erase your history of watching movies.The service was announced Tuesday as part of a broader effort to get users back into the habit of watching films.As part of the new program, Netflix is also offering a special version of the Netflix History app for iPhone and iPad, allowing you to […]