Smoke billowing from China’s smog: What we know so far

The air pollution in China has been a major topic of discussion over the past few weeks.Chinese authorities have been calling for stricter air quality controls, while other nations have sought to contain the pollution and pressure the country to meet air quality standards set by the World Health Organization.The air pollution from China has risen in recent weeks as […]

How to tell the history of polio vaccine history

How to know when to look at the history and impact of the polio vaccine, the first of its kind?Today’s podcast features history’s greatest mystery: when did the vaccine become the deadliest and most deadly vaccine in history?We asked historian David Crouch to explain.Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, TuneIn, Google Newsstand, or wherever […]

How to learn history and geography without looking up the word “historical” in Wikipedia

Texas has become a hub for the creation of new words and concepts.We’ve got history, geography, and climate change all under one umbrella, and now we’ve got the word.We’re going to start by breaking down the different meanings of these words.Today, we’ll be talking about the word historical.What does historical mean?Historical is a word that means the historical period that […]

Smoke billowing from burning oil field in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is set to introduce legislation to allow for the sale of fossil fuels in the country, with an attempt to curb global warming now on track.The draft bill, which has yet to be approved by parliament, will make it illegal for anyone to burn fossil fuels.“We are looking for a way to help reduce the emission of carbon […]

The history of basketball is finally being written in the new world

The future of basketball looks a lot brighter than ever.The NBA is on track to be one of the most profitable sports leagues in history, with more than $1 billion in profits for the league and more than 200 million total ad buys.And the next generation of players has been catapulted from the fringes of the sport to a top-tier […]

How Europe’s prime rate has fallen 0.3 percentage points as the euro continues to fall

European central banks have been under pressure to do more to boost growth in the wake of the global financial crisis.But they have struggled to boost interest rates to keep pace with inflation, and the low level of economic growth is making it harder for governments to finance their spending plans.“If you look at the ECB, they have been too […]