‘Derek, he was a real man’: Derek Chauvin’s story gets a second life in MSNBC’s “Race Matters” segment

MSNBC has given a second chance to Derek Richard Chauvin, the father of the late Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Independent who lost his primary bid to Hillary Clinton.The segment, titled “Derek was a Real Man,” aired Monday on MSNBC’s flagship “Race All Day.”Chauvin, who was born in California and lived in South Carolina, was a key figure in […]

Smoke billowing from burning oil field in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is set to introduce legislation to allow for the sale of fossil fuels in the country, with an attempt to curb global warming now on track.The draft bill, which has yet to be approved by parliament, will make it illegal for anyone to burn fossil fuels.“We are looking for a way to help reduce the emission of carbon […]